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Stone Patios

Broken - Natural Flagstone Patio

Broken - Natural Flagstone Patio

Stone patios can change the appearance of anyone’s yard immediately and adding a stone patio can also help to increase the value of your home. It is very common to see stone patios in many people’s front and backyards. Stone patios are easy to just sweep off and you can also hose them down to clean them up nicely after you have swept. There are many options available when you are considering adding a stone patio and you can customize the patio to best fit your yard and home. Some of the things you need to consider are things like the size the patio will be, what type of stone that you want to use, and you also need to decide what kind of pattern you would like the stone patio to be. You can have specific patterns as stated, or you can stick with a traditional random stone patio.

Natural Flagstone Patio

If you are a Do-It-Yourself guy follow our guide on how to build stone patios, but you need to expect to spend some time and have the patience for it since it can be a long, hard job when doing everything. Many people will buy the stone and have it cut or they will get natural stone with nice shapes that will work well together when making stone patios. There will be a lot of digging and fitting pieces together, almost like a puzzle. Having a plan before you begin building your patio is a must, and if you start it with no plan you are bound to run into problems. You can also hire Omi Stonework or a landscaping specialist to come in and lay your stone patios for you, this is more costly than doing it yourself, but for many without the skills or time it can be your best bet.

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