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Stone Bird Baths

Stone bird baths have been known to be a common accessory to many stylish lawns or traditional gardens. They also can be a wonderful gift to anyone who loves watching birds, but you don’t have to be a birdwatcher to enjoy the beauty and relaxing environment a bird bath can bring.  Anyone who loves nature will enjoy the scene of these colorful birds dipping their tiny beaks in the water drinking and splashing in the water.  When the scorching heat take its toll on birds stone bird baths offer a cool inviting place for birds to come to. So any bird lovers can do their bit by providing water in their backyards to help these thirsty and overheated birds. Also by having stone bird baths you promote good health to the bird population by having a clean place for the birds to drink and bath.

Most bird baths are made of stone due to concrete have a tendency to decay over time. Stone bird baths are known for their durability and their ability to withstand the changes in temperature. Sandstone is one of the best materials to use for stone bird baths. Stone bird baths are available in many different shapes, sizes and designs to choose from which makes each bird bath unique and personal. Such designs to choose from include Contemporary, Traditional, or Victorian. Stone bird baths should have approximately 3”-4” in depth with sloping sides, and the inner surface of the bird bath should either be rough or have some pebbles. You should also keep your bird bath under a little bit of shade, preferably under a tree and above ground either on a pedestal or hanging. Some stone bird baths may also include a bird feeder. If your bird bath doesn’t you may also consider placing a bird feeder in a tree close by to your bird bath to help feed your feather friends.

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