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Stone Henge

Sunrise at Stone Henge

Southern England is home to one of the world’s most well known and ancient natural monuments, Stone Henge. This is also one of the world’s biggest mysteries since no can answer the question of who built stone henge? Many people think that it was built by Druids thousands of years ago, but there are also many other stories of who built stone henge and how it was built, since the stones from which is it made weigh far more than anyone could move, especially in the primitive time when it was erected. Stone henge is also mentioned in Arthurian legend, where it is said that Merlin brought the stones there from Ireland, they were said to be healing stones that came from Africa and when Arthur wanted them he sent Merlin to retrieve them from Ireland. It is thought that the monument was erected around or before 3000 B.C., and originally the structure was much larger until it has fallen apart or been destroyed over the thousands of years it has been standing.

Since Stone Henge is such a big tourist attraction the area all around the monument has become extremely commercialized. There are restaurants, hotels, and gift shops all over the entire area and many people are very offended by this as they believe that the area should remain untouched and completely natural. This is the way it was meant to be and English government promises to restore it back to that state in the coming years. Stonehenge will always be a huge tourist attraction, but there is no reason that it cannot be seen in the way it was meant to be, in its own natural surroundings like it was the day the structure was built. There may never be an explanation as to who built the structure, what it’s purpose was, how it was built, or even exactly when it was built but there are many theories and you can believe what seems most logical to you.

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