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  • Stone Walls Surrounding Pool
  • Stone Wall with Steps and Walkway
  • Stone Walls with Steps and Patio
  • Stone Wall with Arch
  • Flagstone Surrounding Pool
  • Stone House Entrance
  • Stone Gazebo with Arches
  • Stone Wall with Flagstone Patio
  • Large Bluestone Steps
  • Curved Stone Wall and Steps
  • Flagstone Walkway and Steps
  • Stone Walls with Stone Steps
  • Stone House Veneer
  • Stone Wall Along Road
  • Natural Stone Bench
  • Stone Gazebo with Slate Roof
  • Stone Walls with Wooden Trellis
  • Natural Stone Steps

Stone Masonry

Stone masonry is one of the most ancient handcrafts known to man and it has been a very popular trade since the beginning of man. There are many ancient buildings and sculptures around the world that were handmade thousands of years ago, these are some very old examples of stone masonry. Stone masons have always been in high demand since stone is so strong and long lasting, so it is perfect for buildings and many other things.

Stone Masonry - Foundation Veneer

Thousands of years ago in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries masons were in even higher demand since there were not as many of them available and building some of the structures like castles in them times took a very long time. Stone masonry has always been a popular craft and it will always be around in the future as well.

Stone masonry is a skill that takes years to master and learning about working with all different types of stone is also a long learning process since different types of stone are easier to cut and form to the shapes you want them to be. Stone cutting is a hard job in itself so many masons will have a crew with them and each does their own part. If you are looking to have stone masonry work done Omi Stonework can help you create your vision.

Bluestone Masonry Steps

Masons do a very tough job so their pay rate is high, but if you want your stone masonry job done right the best thing to do is hire a professional. Europe has some of the best examples of beautiful stone masonry in the world, and these are some of the buildings that have been standing solid for thousands of years, and many of them have only had fairly minor maintenance done to keep them in such great shape.

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