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  • Stone Walls with Steps and Patio
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  • Flagstone Surrounding Pool
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  • Stone Gazebo with Arches
  • Stone Wall with Flagstone Patio
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  • Flagstone Walkway and Steps
  • Stone Walls with Stone Steps
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  • Stone Wall Along Road
  • Natural Stone Bench
  • Stone Gazebo with Slate Roof
  • Stone Walls with Wooden Trellis
  • Natural Stone Steps

Stone Age Tools

The tools we have today are paradise compared to the Stone Age tools that the primitive man used to have to make themselves and use. There have been many primitive Stone Age tools that have been uncovered worldwide by archaeologist’s, people have been finding these ancient tools for years and there are still many that are uncovered all the time to this day. Thousands of years ago many of the Stone Age tools were made from stone that would be shaped and sharpened so it could be used for things such as cutting and chopping as well as hammering and pounding. There were also many ancient primitive tools that were made from wood and animal bone, and the bone could also be made to be very sharp. Once they learned how to use things they found in their surroundings they took advantage of it and tools became progressively better and more efficient.

One of the most well known of ancient tools and Stone Age tools are the arrowheads that were used by the Native Americans as well for hundreds of years. Many other Stone Age tools were styled in the same type of fashion, such as hatchets and knives that would be made from different types of stone, flint was very popular back then because of how easy it was to work with. You can see many of these artifacts around the world in museums and other places that showcase artifacts from primitive culture. There are also many shows on TV and many websites where you can learn about these Stone Age tools with a more in depth look, you can even purchase replicas of many of these tools. If you like to read you can also find many books about some of these discoveries and what we have learned about our ancestors by these tools being discovered. It definitely helps give a nice glimpse of what life was like in the past.

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