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Birth Stones

Birth stones are precious gems that are meant to symbolize the month you were born. They are very commonly given as birthday gifts since this is another common custom to celebrate the day you were born. The concept of birth stones has been around for hundreds of years, and the precious gems associated with each birth month have also changed many times within this time period. This was until the National Association of American Jewelers worked on standardizing the gems that were used for each month’s birthstone, this was done in the early 20th century but some of these birthstones have still changed a bit since back then. There are also some months that have a couple different kinds of gems that are used as birth stone, and this is because some are quite expensive, so in order for everyone who wants birth stone jewelry to be able to afford it there are less expensive options for the months that have the more expensive gems associated with them.

The birth stones that are recognized today are as follows: The month of January’s birth stone is garnet, and this one has remained the same for many years. Amethyst is the stone for February and this is another of the birth stones that has remained the same since the standardization of the birth gems. The traditional birthstones of March were bloodstone and jasper, but in today’s society it is aquamarine. For the month of April the traditional birth stones were sapphires and diamonds, but nowadays it is the diamond and the sapphire is designated as the birthstone of a different month. May had the traditional birth stones being agate and the emerald, and now the emerald is the recognized birthstone. The two precious materials for the month of June are pearls and moonstones, and traditionally they were the emerald and alexandrite. July’s modern birthstone is the ruby, and traditionally it was also the ruby as well as onyx. August is peridot, and in the past it was carnelian and sardonyx. Sapphire is the modern day birthstone of September and traditionally there were two birth stones for September, sapphire and peridot. October has two and these are opal and rose zircons, the traditional stones for the month were tourmaline and pearl. The stones for November are topaz and citrine and these two have remained the same over the years. December was traditionally the ruby and zircon, but in modern times they are turquoise and blue topaz, there are also many people that consider tanzanite a December birthstone and this was added by the gem society in the early 21st century.

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